How to improve your Magento Search?

How to improve your Magento Search?

Learn how to improve your Magneto Search? Perfection knows no limits. The moment you stop challenging yourself with upgrade and innovation, evolution will pick up your competitors, who are more eager to implement new ideas to excel. Great news for all those who chose Magento as a platform for their online store: the sky is no longer the limit, as the design of the platform sets new standards to pump the functional opportunities of a Magento store up.

If you are a happy Magento platform user, there is no need to dig into the matter, as a family of extensions meant to boost the sales and cut on the cart abandonment level manifests it effectiveness within days after you press “Install” button.

When you are done with the fancy layout, which is both pleasing to the picky eye of the buyer and user-friendly, it’s high time to think over a triumphant plan as how to play your functional Magento cards not only to hit the solitary jackpot, but to attract new clients as well. The recent polls show that one of the most annoying things that triggers clients to close the tab of your Magento store for good is inadequate search panel functioning.

So what are must-have features of the modern Magento search panel?

Sherlock Approves

Unwinding the ball of sophisticated tied events is all play and fun for an Arthur Conan Doyle’s stories addict, but when it comes up to buying the staff to co splay their heroes, your customers crave for instant search result. Magento search auto complete foresees what the customer is looking for while still typing by offering the top products that meet the requirements. Saved time is a win.

 First things come first

Top needs should be satisfied. A fresh solution to avoid customer’s restlessness about the inaccurate search results is to apply search priority function. Now you get the system that hounds and brings to the client’s feet the very product he dreamy of after a thorough scan of search modules you set up.

Automatize it!

Magento search auto complete fulfills a bunch of tasks with one shot, while you get the chance to manage the window look. With it a client no longer needs to type the full product name, auto complete does it for him with a bonus of similar search queries. What is more, virtual shopping risks are minimized through display of reviews that are intended to replace a mall-friend advice. So why don’t you help your Magento storeto make a step forward towards sales rise with a modern and functional search? Your customers will definitely enjoy the simplicity and Olympic speed of a Magento search autocomplete provided by special extensions like this one. Adjusting to the new extension conditions is painless and needs no reorganization, so handling it going to be as easy as ABC.


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