Guidelines for Developing an Interactive HTML5 Site with WordPress

WordPress has really made it easy to get an HTML5 site up and running. The 3.5 Elvin update brings to developers a great opportunity to build websites with HTML5 and make them more responsive to a user’s needs. What’s more, it ensures that the websites are interactive and highly engaging; and the great part about it is that such websites can be developed quicker than ever before. Here are some of the important guidelines that you must use to develop a highly interactive site with WordPress.

Guidelines for Developing an Interactive HTML5 Site with WordPress

First, Download the latest 3.5 “Elvin” WordPress version

This is a much more multimedia friendly version of WordPress as compared to those that came earlier. For example, it offers you a comprehensive media manager that enables you to drag and drop image and video files from their desktops to the drop zone in each post. You can also easily import and embed multimedia from other sites.
So, your first job is to download Elvin.

Choose and install an HTML5 features rich theme

The purpose of your business and the message that you want your website to carry, decides the theme that you want to choose. Also, if you want an HTML5 website, you first need to choose the right HTML5 theme.
So, first select a theme that supports all HTML5 features. Also choose the kind of design that all browsers and devices will support. Don’t choose a theme that is HTML5 friendly, but which doesn’t fit your needs and requirements to the letter. All necessary aspects need to be considered while choosing the right theme.

Develop Custom HTML5 features

The two steps mentioned above can be expertly followed and implemented by somebody who isn’t an expert in WordPress or HTML5. But, now the job gets tougher. This is where the expertise of experienced designers and developers with knowledge of HTML5, be of help.
It’s important to understand where your site is going to get its interactivity and engagement quotient from; it will be from all the multimedia that you are going to add in your business website.
So, you now have to add the product and business videos that you think are appropriate to get your branding message out. Something else that you could do is implement an interactive slide show with high resolution images of your products or your work process or something else that is connected to your business.
Also, add extra product images with HTML5 and CSS3 effects, something that only an old hand at designing a website can do, read an extremely talented website designer and/or developer.

Adding Fresh Content

This is par for the course for an interactive website. Adding fresh content is absolutely crucial if you want to engage your customers. Just adding nice visuals and interesting multimedia is not going to cut it for you. So, updating your website with fresh content is absolutely crucial. I know this doesn’t sound like HTML5 or anything remotely technical but believe you me, at the foundation of all successful websites is great content, whatever the nature of the site.
Also, make sure that your content makes interesting reading. Agreed, if you are talking about your services, there is very little you can do to engage the user’s attention; here you are can focus on ‘useful content’ said in a manner that is conversational, to the point and very readable.

Testing and QA

Did I say that a successful website is backed by great content? Well, of course it is, but there is something else that ensures its success and that is comprehensive testing and QA.
You will need to test all the features and functionalities that you have integrated into your website. There is no point in adding HTML5 features, if they are not going to work properly. So, you will need to create various test cases, and run the website through them. This ensures that your website’s features work as they are supposed to and its users are assured of a high degree of quality.

Website Launch

Yes, it’s all over and you can now launch your site on the World Wide Web, but how will your target audience know that is out there trying to find them. Your site needs to be visible and this is only possible if you have a marketing plan in place for it. Craft an internet marketing strategy around the strengths of your business and the site. This way you will never go wrong.

End Words

Call them guidelines or call them pointers, the purpose behind giving this information was to help you take the right decisions while developing an HTML5 website with WordPress. After all, it’s all about taking the right decision and nothing else, isn’t it, in life and everything else?
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