5 Tips for Making Your Blog a Content Marketing Magnet

Content marketing is a type of marketing format involving creation and sharing of media and publishing content for the reason to attract customers with the basic premises of provision of valuable information or entertainment that stops short of a direct sales pitch but really work to influence customers in positive way and presented in various types of media like news, eBooks, white papers etc. Content marketing is so popular and used by 90% of Business-to-Business (B2B) and 86% of Business-to-Consumer (B2C) marketers who use one or more methods of Content Marketing.

Blogs are self-created platforms for discussions or websites containing information of discrete entries.  Nowadays world is moving at first rate and people don’t want to depend on social networking sites or 3rd party websites for providing information and they are therefore creating their personal blogs on which they can provide unlimited information for 24*7 . Not only are these but blogs form social media. Through guest posts, blogs, social sharing blogs try to construct a targeted community and thus it tops other form of social media for effectiveness. Blogs are effective in driving sales and also supporting search optimization. Blogs are easy to use, low content system at core and blogs incorporate a streamlined CMS. Here are some tips for the reader for making his/her blog a content marketing magnet.

5 Tips for Making Your Blog a Content Marketing Magnet

•    Constructing a Strong Blogging Foundation to support content marketing:  To make the blog centre of a strong content marketing plan it needs to make sure that building of blog must be on a strong foundation.  The very first thing is that the unique URL must be used. Regarding this best option to use is self-hosted Word press blog and it is better not to use Blogger or Word press. To support and enhance the blog it’s very essential to support it technically and should be integrated into the website.

•    Gain the audience: Bloggers must attract the readers by posting several articles which are interesting for the readers and thus attracting the population to make his blog famous. Also his blog must be informative which can create a set of marketing personas clarifying and giving a personality to people to reach.

•    Development of content marketing plan: Several components are available to make a good content marketing plan. First is mapping out promotional calendar by starting the planning for organization marketing events and use public holidays where appropriate. Annual events must be considered to apply product offers including relevant trade house and conferences as well as social media participation. This is also associated with outlining major content offerings, planning ongoing columns and related communications.

•    Allocation of resources to the blog: Making the blog the heart of your content marketing, human and financial resources are necessary with consideration of variety of resources including design, photography and formatting and also technology to facilitate uploading and other technical issues and technology.

•    Tracking content Marketing results: With other business initiatives measurement of results is required. Metrics of the individuals must be planned and creation of content is to ensure that integration of ability has occurred to capture the required data.

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