Tips to Design an eCommerce Website with WordPress

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eCommerce is changing the way we shop and do business. The internet is dominated by sites offering everything from shoelaces to sailboats, delivered right to your doorstop. Given that we’re in the holiday season, the importance and efficiency of eCommerce cannot be stressed upon enough. If you’re looking to take your business or enterprise the eCommerce way, you will need to start off with a great website.

The good news is you can do it on your own, thanks to some amazing sites like WordPress. WordPress is a leader in the creation of websites and blogs and there are enough guides anfd tutorials to help you set up shop with the site. Here are a few tips to design an eCommerce website with WordPress.

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Start off by selecting a good host for your website. Remember to consider the amount of traffic your site may attract and plan accordingly. InspiroHost is great for beginners or you could try the award-wining Inmotion Hosting. Your site must have an SSL certificate for safe transactions and this is extremely crucial.

Start off with a theme. We can suggest Storefront Themes, a platform that designs exclusively for WordPress eCommerce sites. What you’ll get is brilliant framework and technical support and some cool video tutorials for you to figure it all out, easy. You can choose to optimize your site for handheld devices, think about widgets and ajax while you’re here. Or try Splashing Pixels that designs themes especially for WordPress eCommerce sites. Splashing Pixels is a sheer delight to browse through and is really simple to use. You might need to pay up to $70 depending on your requirements.

It is an eCommerce site so you’ll need a plugin and payment processor to complete the shopping process. The good news here is this step is free and you can take help from the WordPress site for its plugin. The process is simple- use the site’s interface to categorize your products and add the eCommerce shopping cart from WordPress to your site.

For the payment processor, you could choose the Gold Cart plugin that promises great usability and a chance to get technical help when you set up shop.

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If you want to do something just for the members of your site, try the Members Only plugin at less than $50. This attractive plugin is a great tool. Members who are offered special deals will drive up business, paying off that initial investment manifold. If you’re looking to offer commissions to increase sales, try the Affiliate plugin. You can choose between percentages or flat rates, get personalized banners for your site, use tracking codes when you text links and keep a tab on things by being able to view the statistics of the site.

You’ll be able to create an eCommerce website on WordPress for under $ 210 and get more than your money’s worth. Remember to focus on quality products and a transparent billing process. Once you’ve established trust, repeat sales and word-of-mouth recommendations will do the rest. Good luck!

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