5 Ways to Build Backlinks for your Blog

We all know that backlinks are very important from point of view of Google PageRank and they also help in easy SEO. Now the question arises that how can we create easy back links for our blog. So in this article i will share some tips that can help you in increasing back links to your blog.
5 Ways to Build Backlinks for your Blog

5 Real Ways to Build Back-links  

1-Blog Commenting

Blog Commenting
Commenting on other blogs with your relevant niche is one of the best ways to build back links. But you must remember that only dofollow blogs will pass you link juice while no follow blogs can just pass you traffic. However blog commenting has various other benefits than just link building.
It helps you interact with you fellow bloggers and increase your blog’s exposure and visibility on the web. Also you should not use comment box just for spamming and link building. Instead you must work for both i.e. building backlinks and side by side appreciating the author. As comments helps motivate the author you must take care of this thing too.
It would be icing on the cake if you are able to find dofollow blogs with comment love premium enabled on them as that can help you build backlinks with your own keyword and also link your latest post of your blog.

2-Guest Posting 

Guest Posting


This is one of the most preferred ways of building easy backlinks by most of the bloggers. Most of the popular blogs accept guest posting on their site which not only help you in increasing backlinks but also helps you get quality and good amount of traffic for your blog. You can submit some of your best and unique articles for publishing to sites with good domain authority.
But getting a guest post approved on good authority blogs is not an easy task. You must try to write such informative and explanative post so that the editor has no reason to decline it. A little effort while writing guest post can fetch you great results for your blog.

3-Forums and Article Marketing

Forums and Article Marketing


We have seen a very notable drift in using forums as a means to create backlinks for your blog. Forums are the places where you can interact with others and use your blog’s link during signup process or as your signature. This helps you in building a high quality backlink for your blog. A new forum with fewer members can sometimes provide you with a highly authoritative backlink for your blog as compared to old forums as the number of links on these forums are so high that the link juice becomes negligible.
Also promoting your site with the help of article marketing sites can help you built high quality backlinks for your blog. The procedure of getting link is same as guest posting i.e. you have to submit your articles to article directories which upon reviewing your blog post publish them on their blog and in this way you are able to get a link for your blog.
However you must be cautious before choosing any article directory as most of them now are just link farms which are being devalued by Google Panda’s latest algorithm. So you must do some research before choosing any good article directory. Ezine and Goarticles are some of the best article marketing sites.

4-Web and Blogging websites

Web and Blogging websites


Another great source of getting some quality backlinks for your blog are web 2.0 sites like scoop.it, hubpages and squidoo. These web 2.0 sites allow you to create your own pages and can write any topic of your choice and get a one way link with anchor text of your choice.
You may also use free blogging sites like WordPress  Blogger & Typepad to create your own blog and then link it to your desired blog. However it is a bit time-consuming process but sometimes can offer you big success.
You may ask influential writers to link up your blog posts or use trackbacks on your posts. Also you may rewrite some of your articles and submit it to some of relevant blogs according to your niche.

5-Social Bookmarking Websites

Social Bookmarking Websites


You make use various websites like StumbleUpon, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Digg to bookmark your websites and which can help you create easy back links for your blog. If your post goes viral in Digg or StumbleUpon then you can also receive great amount of traffic for your blog.
Also there are lot of directories that allow submitting your site to them like Yahoo and Dmoz which will end building back links to your blog. You may find many other small directories to link in to your blog but you should not opt to go with them. As we all know getting backlinks from low-quality sites can sometimes also reduce your page rank. Also Google Algorithms like Panda and Penguin can even penalize your site for these low quality links.
So i hope these ideas would be enough for you to build easy back links for your blog. However, if you have some more methods or strategies then feel free to share them in comment box below.
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