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Backlinks are the biggest source of incoming links to any web page or website. Also known as inbound links, inward links, incoming links and inlinks, these links are acquired from different types of web node such as top level domain, web page, website or directory. Since the results of SEO are not constant, mistakes are apparent in the due course even without your realization. Evaluating the results from the strategy acquired via SEO is a very lengthy process, hence it is quite significant to perform SEO audit few months later in order to keep a track and make sure that you are on the right path. For amateurs, SEO auditing is used to determine and examine the present strategy and result obtained. If you have missed a significant opportunity in the past or made any mistake, SEO audit will scrutinize the past efforts and find out where the actual problem is. Often companies hire professionals to do an SEO audit, but there are a number of tools available in the market which can be used for the purpose. Following are the 5 best such tools, which can make your SEO auditing and effortless process.


Website Auditor

The utility of the software is that it slowly moves into your particular website and then tries to analyze if some no-follow site links are present or not, at the same time completing the HTML error checking. This is regarded as one of the rarest tools which will help you to make the most out of your on-page content as well as your domain.

Website Grader

Made by Hubspot, this free SEO audit tool helps to evaluate your particular website with different social media accounts namely Twitter and Facebook. It also helps you to measure your efforts you have put in. After proper analysis, this SEO audit tool will grade you to make you know where you stand and how good you are in other areas. The grading will be out of 100.

Open Site Explorer

SEO Moz is widely known for providing great SEO services and exceptional blog posts. One of their newest creations which have taken the SEO market by storm is known as-Open Site Explorer. The efficiency of the software is that it will provide the user with around 10000 links to make you comprehend whether the link building done by you is correct or not. It also equips you with additional information about the external and internal links used by your present competitors, coordinates with Google Analytics to evaluate the traffic to your website and offers on-page optimization.


It can be used as a desktop as well as an online version. This SEO audit tool offers you with optimization suggestion and analysis of your SEO effort skills. Your HTML structure is also evaluated with this SEO audit tool.

Alexa Site Audit 

This useful SEO audit tool offers you with keywords suggestions along with backlink reports which are based on the Alexa data. The detailed report offered by this tool is very easy to read and comprehend.
The above mentioned Free SEO audit tools will not help you to measure your efforts, but will also make your work easy and smooth. Your strategy will be examined an easily evaluated by using any of the above Free SEO audit tools.
WordPress users can audit their on-page SEO efforts using WordPress SEO plugin by Yoast. All you need to do is just install the plugin and follow this guide to configure it. It shows the on-page SEO score for the given ‘focus keyword’, thus eliminating use of any premium SEO plugin.
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